The Monterey Bay Aquarium is on the edge of California’s most famous coastline, the Big Sur. This wonderful location is a great start for a family adventure. The aquarium itself represents the Bay Area’s marine life with child-centered approach but it is also stunning for parents. Plan it as a full day program with penguin   Read More …

Have you ever wondered how nori is made? Or what is it exactly?

I love this little jewel of Istria. Rambling ancient alleyways, shiny worn flagstones, crumbling walls and colours everywhere.

Love in Paris is rather a cliché but sometimes clichés are heart-warming. Especially when you are in love head over hills and also being lucky to spend a few days in the Capital of Love.

My first visit in Paris was about wonderment, second was about entertainment, wine and cuisine, third was about rediscovering the city (because so much time have passed since my last trip!) but the fourth time, it’s finally about the fascinating details and the atmosphere.

Transylvania, the home of blueberry palinka and fascinating flowers.


In Paris even dogs have a sophisticated style.

More than three months have passed since Holly joined our family but she still surprises me with her work motivation, tempo and endurance. This girl is a real workaholic and learns incredibly fast!  

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